eFin Trade Plus

Trading program is considered to be vital for all investors’ life. Whether it is the trading of equities or derivatives, we all gather together in front of this trading program screen. Even so, by experience, the general trading program has stopped its development until today, the day that efin Trade Plus has been developed to become the new future of trading program. Notification Alert, Auto Trade, efin Tools menu, Money Management, Intelligent Bottom are the functions that have become other methods of utilizing the trading program intelligently. According to such vision, we have created new phenomenon which is the prototype of the futuristic trading program, the efin Trade Plus Program.

Notification Alert – not to miss any investment opportunity

The system transmits various alert messages to Mobile phone and Tablet (IOS, Android) devices which divided into 4 functional alerts:
• To alert when the stock price changed (Price Alert)
• To alert when the price in the portfolio changed
• To alert when the trading transactions matched (Portfolio Alert)
• The log on historical alerts (Sent Log)
Setting for the receipt of various information (Setting) such as advertisement, daily trading summary, SET Index and the most active stocks for the current period (Most Active), receive message when order matched, dividend payment stock information (XD)

Intelligent button – only double-click to view interested information

Discover all details of the interested stocks with just a double-click and you will be able to access 6 kinds of the stock’s information, i.e. technical chart, financial report, buy order box, sell order box, news and market overview.

Auto Trade

The system of setting automatic trading strategies on pre-determined conditions in terms of both price and technical Indicators which are suitable for the investors who have limited time to follow up with the stock market. There are 7 Auto Trade setting alternatives as follows:
• Order by strategy (Simple Auto Trade)
• Order by take-profit and stop-loss condition (Group Conditions)
• Saving stocks to build investment discipline (DCA)
• Order by referring to SET Index before trading (SET Index)
• Order by referring to timing before trading (Timing Stop)
• Order by referring to Money Management Theory (MM)
• Order by referring to Pricing Zone Theory (PZ)
**Support on Windows PC & iOS & Android Operation Systems**

Easy to move the operation to any OS by your finger-tip

The only securities trading program that supports on all operating systems – Windows PC, IOS and Android in which the investors do not have to worry about the changing of devices as this program was designed to have identical display and operation functions. If the investors are looking for the best securities trading program on Windows PC, IOS and Android with excellent and completed functions that they would really like for their daily use, efin Trade Plus is the best solution.

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